Our Series

Our collection unfolds its catalogue like petals of the lisianthus flower: for each petal, a genre. Fiction and non-fiction, including books on highly specialized topics, guides, manuals, occult and lore.



Contemporary style, modern storytelling that captivates the reader as he or she discovers new characters and plots.

Thrillers and Mystery Novels

The glamour of sleuthing. Be it hard-boiled or British crime fiction, there is always a murder mystery to unravel. Follow the clues and solve the case together with our intriguing characters.

Guides and Manuals

Our Guides and Manuals will help you delve deeper into specific topics. Our Lex series will help you overcome bureaucratic and legal difficulties to see your projects become a reality.


Fun and educational stories that will stimulate your children to approach the world of reading. Stories to read alongside family members or on their own, personally selected by us to grow together.

Healing the Soul

Our soul also needs care - don't leave it alone. Nourish your spiritual well-being every day, and connect with the deepest part of the human being.

Psyhe and Well-being

The human mind is a universe worth getting to know. Venture out with us and discover how to get in tune with yourself and the world around you. Browse the Analogical Psychology series to learn more about the language of the subconscious mind and the messages it sends us every day.


Series dedicated to everything that rationality cannot explain.

Photography and Illustrated Book

Evocative images of landscape, people, street, architecture and fashion accompany the reader into another world of writing, that of light, bringing the art of photography to life.


Discover the lives of people who have left their mark on the world. Italian and foreign outstanding people who have contributed to the growth of our society, some who fought hard for their Country and others who passionately realised their dreams.